The proceeds from gambling are put to use for the common welfare in Switzerland.

The Swiss government has made the strategic decision to diversify its economy by making use of the revenue generated by casinos located within its borders. The advantages of improved cultural, athletic, and social development management in Switzerland.

This objective has been communicated by the government in question. Since September 2009, a coalition of groups in Switzerland has been working toward the goal of using gambling earnings from lottery games to benefit both the common good and recreational opportunities in the country. The investment is significant due to the fact that it generates more than 340 million euros annually.

Over 170,000 people have signed a petition that has been presented in court over the course of several months. However,

this does not come without any compromises, as the Confederation is in charge of the casinos, while the cantons are responsible for education on the territory that they already own.

The simplicity of this option was the primary factor in Switzerland’s decision to go with it. For a number of years now, France has made the operation of its casinos available for management by private firms. An illustration of something that does not necessarily follow from the assertion that Switzerland wants to avoid the privatization of gambling enterprises at all costs. Therefore, Romance games will be in charge of running the casino in Switzerland. Take note that the organization in issue will come out ahead.

In spite of the fact that the Federal Council has granted approval for this project,

the text in question will need to have certain adjustments made to it in order to optimize, in their opinion, certain sections. In the interest of simplification, the Federal Council has contracted with a team from the Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) to construct a “project cons” in order to change the management component of the project.

The Federal Council has brought up an extremely important issue in relation to limits placed on gaming by minors, persons who cheat, and those who are addicted to gambling.

A proposal that will allow Switzerland to enjoy the savings and invest them in cultural projects rather than delegating gaming enterprises to private groups in order to save money.

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