Review of Lucky 7 Online Slots

If you prefer to play slot machines from the comfort of your own home rather than at a local casino, the Lucky 7 slot machine is available for you. Lucky 7 was the first online slot launched by BetSoft, serving as the company’s launching pad. This slot machine has a traditional 3-reel layout and a single payline, much like the machines of the past. But unlike those older games, you may play Lucky 7 for real money on your mobile device and earn up to 5,000 coins every round regardless of your location.

Lucky 7 is as straightforward a slot game as they get. With the exception of a few traditional symbols that pay regardless of their position, there are no additional bonuses to look forward to while playing. Despite this, the game may still be entertaining and lucrative. On the contrary, anybody with a passion for true old-school gaming will find enough of thrill here. Learn all you need to know about the payouts and features of the Lucky 7 slot by reading our whole review.

How to Play the Online Slot, Lucky 7

The game offers two modes of play, one with a full view of the slot and the other with a close-up view of the reels, to give online casino players a sense of how traditional fruit machines functioned. All of the buttons on the screen are clickable and mimic the controls of previous PCs. Click the coin value control to choose your coin size, then hit the “bet one” button to insert one or more coins each spin and adjust your wager from 0.01 to 3 credits every round. To begin after completion, just pull the mechanical lever or push the spin button.

The fact that this slot machine has just a single payline simplifies the action, as you won’t have to concentrate on more than three symbols simultaneously. There are just six symbols to look out for, three of which are BAR symbols (single, double, and triple) and the other two are basic sevens and cherries. The rewards awarded by each symbol are shown in coins at the top of the screen (depending on the perspective) and fluctuate based on the number of coins wagered every round. With a single coin, prizes range from two to one thousand coins. However, if you wager three coins while playing for real money, you will have a chance to win the 5,000-coin jackpot.

Unsurprisingly, Lucky 7 can also be played on mobile devices and tablets. The To Go version of the slot machine is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices and can be played in either portrait or landscape mode. Access the menu in the upper-right corner of the screen to modify your wager before to playing, and then hit the spin button to begin.

Features & Free Spins in Lucky 7

Lucky 7 by Betsoft does not need any slot-playing skills to understand how to play since the game is so simple. Wait for three similar symbols from the paytable to align on the payline in the centre of the screen after pressing the spin button. Five standard rewards are available for matching three similar symbols, with the cherry, logo, and 7 symbols offering the largest payouts at 450, 750, and 5,000 coins per sequence, respectively.

In addition to these payments, the slot machine also offers the possibility to win consolation prizes without having to match symbols. Even if you capture a single cherry sign, the game will award you between 2 and 6 coins. If you collect two of the symbols, you will get between 10 and 30 coins, depending on your wager. And when you line up any non-matching combination of the three BAR symbols (single, double, or triple BAR), you will get a bonus reward ranging from 3 to 9 coins.

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